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Published: 22nd June 2020 10:45

Cryptocurrency The Basics

Cryptocurrency is actually a currency that can be used to pay for goods and services online like normal money. The difference here is that the currency has no physical form and exists only as a digital footprint. These transactions work by using a technology called a blockchain. This is software that is present in a network of computers and it manages and records crypto transactions. The appeal of this set up is that the technology is thought to keep transactions secure.

Bitcoins The Most Popular Of All Cryptocurrencies

If there is one Cryptocurrency amongst the 2200 different types that are traded publicly, that has almost gone mainstream, then it is Bitcoins. These have had most of the publicity and made the most newsworthy headlines. As of June 2019, Bitcoins were still the most popular of all the digital currencies and were valued at $136 billion. However, the Bitcoin can hardly be called a stable currency as it has had many ups and downs, in 2018 Bitcoins suffered record value losses. Despite all this, these digital currencies remain popular because they are secure.

Gambling With Crypto-funds

The gambling industry always has one eye on important changes in society, whether it’s technology or the possible end of all traditional currencies, you can be sure that this industry will embrace change in order to remain at the top. The gaming industry is correct to be interested at the rise in popularity