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In this article, we describe the fundamental components of any market, whether it’s the stock market, forex, or cryptocurrencies. Each novice trader must be at first familiar with all the possibilities of working with the market and later improve his skills. It is no secret that the modern format of interaction with the market falls on the digital space, and therefore, all kinds of utilities and indicators can increase one’s productivity.

What is the Market Depth?

In simple terms, Depth of Market (DOM), also known as the order book, is an indicator that reflects the mood of bidders and is one of the most important tools of any trader. Visually, it is displayed as a list with digital indicators of current orders to buy/sell a specific asset at prices set by the participants.

Through the examination of this indicator, one can analyze the level of demand and supply, and give a short-term forecast, which is subsequently used in “scalping”.

Scalping — is a strategy of making a profit on short time scales. Advanced traders use it focusing on many market factors, which allows them to extract income from intraday price fluctuations.

At times of high volume on the market, a large number of orders appear, which are structured by