How blockchain could play a relevant role in putting Covid-19 behind us – Information Age

Tommy Jamet, manager at Blockchain Reply, discusses how blockchain can help industries put the Covid-19 pandemic behind them How blockchain could play a relevant role in putting Covid-19 behind us image

Blockchain can help in many ways with recovery from the pandemic.

Blockchain and Covid-19 — the two don’t immediately go together. But, the technology could play a role in putting the pandemic behind us.

The early days of blockchain were like the gold rush of the Wild West. We bore witness to a surge of investor money finding its way into the hands of cowboy founders of less-than-scrupulous, blockchain-based business ideas. Indeed, there have been almost 2,000 cryptocurrency projects in total, but only a few dozen are worth mentioning.

What we are left with today is a smaller number of more serious blockchain projects that have real-world use cases that go beyond cryptocurrency. Blockchain is, and always has been, much more than just a get-rich-quick scheme.

Blockchain use cases within transport and logistics

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Blockchain is more than Bitcoin

Blockchain is the underlying technology upon which cryptocurrencies are built. But to limit a definition of its capabilities to such a function is to overlook its extraordinary potential and wide-reaching application.

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