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Have you considered investing in crypto but never put the plan to fruition? Maybe you are scared of the uncertainties? Well, you don’t have to worry. The cryptocurrencies indexes analyses the markets for some of the best performing cryptos. 

Follow this article for the top cryptocurrencies indexes you need to know. the end, you should understand how the different crypto indexes work. You will also learn the other cryptos on every significant index. The information comes in handy when picking an investment option. 

Top Major Crypto Indexes

  1. Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index

Launched in 2018, Bloomberg has become one of the formidable crypto indexes. It’s all about top cryptos with US dollar values. 

The index draws success from that of the mother companies Bloomberg, partnering Galaxy Digital Capital Management. It provides for a base value of 100 and operates within stipulated principles. 

It is all about diversification, representation, data integrity, and continuity. 

All the cryptos on the index must provide a fair share representation. Traders can also rely on the index as an accurate representation of the real crypto market. It updates the data frequently to match the real world. 

The index provides for a stringent criterion when choosing the cryptos. They must trade in USD with a free-floating value, not pegged on any asset. The coin must have a minimum of two pricing sources of Bloomberg’s pricing criteria standards.  

The 30-day median value