CoinLife Expands Array of Cryptocurrencies Available on its Platform – Benzinga

LONDON, Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Cryptocurrency trading brand CoinLife has announced that it is enhancing the variety of currencies available for trading on the company’s platform and is now offering dozens of top-tier coins to its users’ dispense.

This expansion is part of CoinLife’s growth strategy, after successfully upgrading its platform speed and lengthening service hours to a 24/6 standard. This addition is fundamental to CoinLife’s strategy for growth, which already features an improved platform speed and increased operating hours to a 24/6 format. “In today’s digital reality, a reputable cryptocurrency trading platform like CoinLife is expected to offer an extensive list of trusted coins to traders. We view our platform users as partners and not customers. As such, “As such, they deserve to have access to every trading opportunity that appears”, stated a CoinLife representative. “We never take our members’ trust for granted and constantly look for promising crypto opportunities for them”, he added.

More than just Bitcoin

Experts estimate that almost 7,000 different cryptocurrencies are on the market for trade and usage as of today. While this presents plenty of potential for traders, the risk of betting on a currency with a volatility that can cause substantial losses tends to get higher. Therefore, it is important for trading platforms to offer a wide array of cryptocurrencies but to be wary of those who cannot be trusted – and that may be tricky if analysts aren’t experienced enough.

“We know the world of crypto well