Beginners’ guide to Steemit – Interactivecrypto

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An average user spends over 2hrs 30minutes every day on social media. The duration keeps increasing as people become more tech-savvy and gain access to the internet.

Most of the time on the internet is spent on entertainment and engaging other users. Social media has also become a vital information point. The only concern is that all this is for free. Everyone is giving out their time without anything worthwhile in return. Not that money is the only worthy stuff, yet it’s essential.

That is where Steemit comes in.

The blockchain social media site rewards you for the time you spend using it. It allows you to interact like any other social media site, with an added token on top.

There is a lot to know about the platform before you get started. This guide has all of it. the end, you should understand what Steemit is. You should be in a position to get started, make friends, and make money.

What is STEEMIT?

Steemit is a blogging and social media platform. It allows you to create a profile then post content like photos, videos, and thoughts. You also get to upvote (like), down vote (dislike), or resteem a post. It works like Reddit.

All your actions on the platform count. The platform monitors them then